8 X 13 A-frame Classic Garage w/ Flat Dormer


Enhance your property with a timeless 8 x 13 A-frame Classic Garage featuring a sleek Flat Dormer design in a striking Red Barn color. This versatile structure combines traditional charm with modern functionality, providing ample space and style for all your storage needs. Elevate your property’s aesthetic appeal with this classic yet contemporary garage option.

Payments As Low AS $250 Per Month

If you’ve already decided on a 8 x 13 A-Frame Classic Garage with a Flat Dormer as your base model, you’re well on your way to creating an outstanding storage or work area. But there’s more to consider in order to maximize both the functional and aesthetic aspects of your new garage. Here are some additional features you might consider incorporating.

Color Scheme: Red Barn

Red Barn Urethane wall color complemented by a White roof and trim is an excellent way to balance rustic charm with contemporary sophistication. This color palette not only ensures that your garage stands out, but it also has the added benefit of appealing to a broad range of aesthetic tastes.





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