12×16 Gambrel Shed


Shake up your outdoor space with a dash of color and a whole lot of utility! The 12×16 Gambrel Shed is a vibrant blend of green and grey, giving a modern twist to this classic structure. Crafted by expert Amish artisans, this dual-toned storage unit flaunts a unique design, melding wood and steel in an unforgettable way. Oh, and did we mention? It’s ready to make its way to your backyard—no waiting necessary!

Payments As Low AS $250 Per Month

A Gambrel Roof Like No Other

The iconic gambrel roof provides a spacious interior, adding a country barn aesthetic while maximizing overhead storage. It’s practical design at its most stylish!

Greens and Greys, Please!

Forget boring. This shed comes dressed in a harmonious blend of green and grey steel siding, making it an eye-catcher that complements any landscape effortlessly.

Not Just Any Wood Frame

Quality lumber lays the foundation for this shed, offering a sturdy base that complements its vibrant steel exterior. The wood frame doesn’t just hold things up; it sets the stage for durable elegance.

Zip, Zero, Zilch Wait Time

Your patience won’t be tested here. The 12×16 Gambrel Shed is pre-built, pre-checked, and prepped for immediate delivery. It’s essentially a “plug-and-play” for your yard.

Make it Uniquely Yours

We get it; individuality matters. Though our standard model is pretty great (if we do say so ourselves), you can jazz it up with additional features and customizations.

Fast Facts

  • Measurements: Stretching 12 feet by 16 feet
  • Siding Colors: A head-turning blend of green and grey
  • Structure: Reliable wood frame wrapped in robust steel
  • Build Quality: Amish-crafted for superior durability
  • Get it Now: Ready for immediate dispatch to your property
  • Personal Touch: Customization options galore

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